Voidmapper has been created to draw maps for space ships for my fan creations for Starslayers.

Voidmapper is based on Gridmapper by Alex Schroeder.

As Voidmapper adds new tiles and key bindings the maps are not compatible with Gridmapper! But Gridmapper maps can be viewed with Voidmapper. Incompatible keys are marked with voidmapper only.

Enhancements and changes

Tiles and user functionality

Background functions

Changes in development process


Bug fixes

Basic Usage

Voidmapper is designed to be used by the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or h-j-k-l to navigate the cursor. Use lower case characters to set tiles, walls or doors. Press a key multiple times to rotate the element. Use v to choose a variant of an element. Use upper case characters to choose a background color for a tile.

Key bindings

The following key bindings are supported by Voidmapper.


?       hide/show help section
Z       switch background color
#       toggle background transparency
Arrows  left,right,up,down
h,H     left
j,J     down
k,K     up
l,L     right
z       level up
y       level down
Enter   new line
m       toggle wall mode

Basic modifications

"       input text, align center
'       input text, align left
u       undo last action
r       redo last action
x or Backspace    delete content
Alt     toggle floor (f)


f   floor
g   grotto floor
a   arc floor
p   pillar
t   trap
c   chest
s   stairs
n   diagonal
a   arc floor with wall
v   choose variant


w   wall
d   door


W   white
R   red
G   green
B   blue
Q   grey
E   dark red
A   yellow
S   brown
D   light blue
F   dark green
N   black (voidmapper only)

Region mode

A region can be marked by holding the shift key pressed and navigate the cursor. A marked region can be copied or cutted and pasted to another position.

Shift   pressed, mark region
X       cut the marked region
C       copy the marked region
V       paste cutted or copied region
Escape  unmark region

Wall mode

The wall mode is a special input mode used to set lots of walls. Enter wall mode with m. Navigate as normal and set walls, doors and variants of with w, d and v. Other actions will end the wall mode.

m   toggle wall mode
w   wall
d   door
v   choose variant

Unused keys


Text file format

Most of your input is recorded and stored in an ordinary text format. This textual representation is used as storage format for the map and can be exported.

Specials chars in text files and scripts

The text file format knows some special keys and sequences. These are used to navigate the cursor and do separate levels (z).

'       start/end of text
0-9     number
(x,y,z) set cursor to x,y on level z
[dx,dy] move cursor by dx,dy
-       move curser by -1,0 (=left)
Space   move cursor by +1,0 (=right)
h,H     move curser left
j,J     move curser down
k,K     move curser up
l,L     right
z       level down
\n      new line
.       pause simulation
;       pause simulation
\01     CTRL+A, ??
\02     CTRL+B, reset map

Example files


This file shows a floor with three tiles (f) leading to a stair down. The stair was rotated by 180 degrees (sss = three times s) The floor starts at position 1,1, which is in the upper left corner


Now the end of the stair leads to the next level (z). At the end of the stair is some mud (pvvv = 4th variant of p) and a door (d). Left to the mud is a chest (c). This is drawn in the new line having six spaces before it. At last the cursor will be set to the start of the floor on level 0.


The text file format supports some special characters and sequences that allows you to script a map. Please take a look at the Gridmapper documentation and demo for further informations for scripting.

The License

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

The author has dedicated voidmapper to the public domain by waiving all of his rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

The legal text: CC0 1.0 Universal, the Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0).

Some context: Public Domain Software.

See also

Gridmapper by Alex Schroeder